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To speed or not to speed

Has this ever happened to you? The red lights come on behind you and fill your car with flashing cop lights. The officer promptly shows up at your window and asks if you know why you’ve been pulled over. Rather than admitting you were speeding, you throw out a guess, “Do I have a broken taillight?” As the officer heads back to his squad car to write up the inevitable speeding ticket, you ponder the injustice of it all.

First, the coffee maker was acting up again, second, the dog had peed on the rug, and third, you couldn’t find the right socks to go with your outfit. All the morning’s delays caused you to be nearly ten minutes late getting out the door. With your morning staff meeting beginning promptly at 8 a.m., that left you no choice: you had to speed.

Massachusetts overturns field sobriety testing for marijuana

Marijuana laws are changing, including here in Pennsylvania. The state passed legislation allowing medicinal marijuana, as have 28 other states. A few others have decriminalized the drug on a higher scale.

There are new legal challenges as marijuana becomes more socially acceptable, like how to address drivers suspected of being high. Unlike alcohol, there is no breath test to prove use at a traffic stop. Marijuana hinders judgment and reaction time, and police are actively looking for impaired drivers. When can officers stop a driver and how can they test for use?

Pennsylvania issues medical marijuana permits; US AG seeks to crack down

The Pennsylvania government recently issued permits for 52 locations where patients can obtain medical marijuana. The dispensary permits were issued to 27 entities, each of which can operate three locations, although not every entity has chosen to run three sites.

The state's medical marijuana law allows for qualifying patients to obtain marijuana in vapor, pill, ointment or liquid form. Patients and caregivers can register for treatment in September, and the program is expected to go into effect in 2018.


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