Estate Administration: What It Is And How We Can Help

Most people understand the importance of estate planning but are less clear on the process or purpose of estate administration. So what is estate administration? In short, it is the legal process of settling a loved one's estate (after he or she passes away) according to the terms set forth in the will and other estate planning documents.

At The Hamme Law Firm, LLC, we make estate administration as simple and convenient as possible during what is often a difficult and emotional time for families. Our goal is to guide you through the process without undue delay or frustration, saving you time, money and potential family conflict.

Our Estate Administration Services

The attorneys at our firm serve as important resources on all estate administration matters, including:

  • Will probate and estate probate
  • Preparing estate accountings
  • Working with personal representatives and appointing administrators (when necessary)
  • Preparing and filing inheritance tax returns
  • Processing death claims and life insurance claims
  • Distributing assets to named heirs and beneficiaries

Many of these tasks are time-consuming and legally complex. Therefore, they are best left to an attorney. We will gladly take care of all details for you and keep you informed about important developments every step of the way.

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