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Like much of the nation, Pennsylvania has strict laws against drunk driving and imposes harsh penalties on those convicted of driving under the influence. Whether you want to contest the DUI/DWI charges against you or want to resolve them in another manner, you need the help of an experienced DUI defense lawyer. You need the help of The Hamme Law Firm, LLC.

How DUI Cases Are Charged

There are numerous factors that prosecutors consider when bringing charges in a drunk driving case. These include:

The amount of alcohol in your blood: This is known as blood-alcohol concentration (BAC). Pennsylvania has a three-tiered system:

  • General impairment (0.08 percent - 0.099 percent BAC)
  • High BAC (0.10 percent - 0.159 percent BAC)
  • Highest BAC (0.16 percent and higher)

Existence and timing of previous offenses: If you have previous DUI convictions within the last decade, that history could negatively influence your sentence if convicted of the current charge.

Your age and type of license: If you are below the legal drinking age of 21, you can be charged with drunk driving if your BAC is at or above just 0.02 percent. If you have a commercial driver's license and are pulled over while driving commercially, you could be arrested with a BAC at or above 0.04 percent. Furthermore, a DUI offense in a commercial vehicle can be considered "High BAC" starting at just 0.04 percent.

The presence of aggravating factors: You could face stricter penalties for DUI if certain aggravating factors were present (in addition to those already listed above). Two notable examples include:

  • DUI leading to a car accident with injuries or fatalities
  • DUI while transporting a passenger who is 14 years old or younger

License suspension is another concern for anyone facing a DUI charge. Whether or not your license will be suspended depends on a number of factors, including some listed above. For case-specific advice on the charges you are facing, it is best to speak to an experienced DUI defense attorney.

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition And Other Alternatives

Pennsylvania offers a pre-trial diversion program for first-time DUI offenders who meet certain requirements. If the program is completed successfully, the participant can petition to have the case expunged from his or her record. Our attorneys can help you determine whether you qualify for ARD or other programs and can help you petition for enrollment.

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